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What is Bluetooth

Introduction to Bluetooth

The latest technology for wireless connectivity has taken a new avatar and is called Bluetooth. The Bluetooth technology is a low cost, short range, low power technology using radio waves for wireless connectivity between various devices.
The initial releases of the technology known as Bluetooth 1.1 has speeds upto 720 kbps or kilo bytes per second. The maximum range of Bluetooth is just 10 meters theoretically but in practical situation does not extend beyond 6 meters. Since the technology uses radio waves as the data carrier, it is not limited to a line of sight which was the case with infrared data communication technology. Bluetooth transmission can occur through many obstacles.

Bluetooth is an industry standard which can be implemented in many different devices which can enable them to talk with each other. These devices include computers, mobile phones, headphones, digital cameras and many other devices which require data communications. The technology of Bluetooth involves the stacking of protocols and a radio communication system. While at the top is the Bluetooth application and at the bottom is the radio device.
This new technology christened Bluetooth, has revolutionized the connectivity between various devices and has given people freedom from wires. This low cost technology allows users to simply eliminate wires for connecting computers, head phones, cell phones and other devices is a faster way.
The radio technology used in Blue tooth is just amazing and can be implemented using just two microchips and consumed very low power and is simply capable of integration in any device which requires data communication. Bluetooth provides secure technology and usually is immune to any other signals broadcasted over the same frequency. Security is provided by pairing the communication devices by authentication. Authentication allows secure communication with little chances of eavesdropping by anyone else.

Bluetooth Technology

Bluetooth technology has evolved over the years. It started off as a basic wireless radio connectivity tool and then got developed in a standard which was instantly adopted by the industry which was in the lookout of technology to eliminate wires for short distance communications. It just started as a simple radio communication device and no hat taken the world by the storm and has been adopted by a myriad of equipment ranging from laptops, computers, printers, mobiles, pdas, headphones, car kits and a whole lot of devices which talk with each other.
Bluetooth has emerged as the preferred standard for communication between devices located at short distances usually less than 10 meters. Blue tooth has revolutionized the way how mobile phones communicate with computer, headsets and hands free car kits. File transfers using Bluetooth has become an industry standard as it allows faster transfer of files to and from mobiles to various devices. Using Bluetooth the modern smart mobile phones are able to print pictures directly on Bluetooth enabled printers eliminating the need of a computer in between. This is the advantage of technology.
Bluetooth creates communication link between the mobile and the computer enabling the computer to upload software, ringtones, and pictures on the phone and also allows the synchronization of the phone book, calendar, messages, and picture albums. Using Bluetooth connectivity users can send SMS messages directly from their computers. Even the inbuilt modem of the mobile can be used by the computer to connect to internet or for any other purpose which the modem may be used. Bluetooth has allowed the optimum use of the mobile phone using your computer.
That was Bluetooth on mobile, now when we look from the perspective of home LAN, Bluetooth allows users to create a simple local area network of their computer, printer and scanner using Bluetooth. Even two computers can be a part of this simple network which is usually confined in a radius of 10 meters. No LAN can be simpler than a Bluetooth LAN. Bluetooth is technology of future and will provide us great service in the times to come.

Reasons for Using Bluetooth

Bluetooth has emerged as a revolutionary technology for wireless communication at short distances between devices that need to ‘talk’. Bluetooth technology got a boost when the mobile phone industry adopted it as a standard for communication with other similarly enabled devices.
The main reason for the success which has come to Bluetooth can be enumerated as:-
Bluetooth allows the use of various devices and computers without the use of any cables and the reduction of hassles by not using multiplicity if cables.
Bluetooth being a license free technology is inexpensive. Bluetooth dongles are available for as low as $5 a piece. Even the manufacturers who put Bluetooth on their equipment pass on the savings of inexpensive technology to their customers.
Bluetooth provides convenience of use within an area of 10 meters and is not affected by obstacles.
Bluetooth provides compatibility to devices which have Bluetooth enabled as Bluetooth has been implemented as a standard and has been adopted by more than 2000 manufacturers.
Bluetooth uses low powered 2.4 GHZ band for radio communication and uses channel hopping to avoid any external interference even from devices using the same bandwidth and this allows crystal clear communication and error free data transfers.
Bluetooth uses very low power as the range of Bluetooth communication is only 10 meters. This does not put undue stress on battery as Bluetooth has been predominantly made for use by mobile phones where battery power needs to be conserved.
Bluetooth allows creation of a private network of maximum 7 devices and this allows perfect scenario for a home network. The network using Bluetooth is called PAN or Piconet.
Bluetooth as technology is being constantly revised and upgraded and is backward compatible. The newer versions provide for enhanced range, higher speed and other features.

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