Thursday, 8 March 2012

sql vs plsql

SQL stands for Structured Query
Language, which does not have
procedural programming

PL/SQL stands for Procedural
Structured Query Language.
Which have advantage over SQL.

SQL is the language that enables
relational database users to
communicate with the database in
a straightforward manner.

PL/SQL is Oracle's procedural
language; it comprises the
standard language of SQL and a
wide array of commands that
enable you to control the
execution of SQL statements
according to different conditions.

You can use SQL commands to
query the database and modify
tables within the database.

PL/SQL can also handle runtime

If you send a series of SQL
statements to the server in
standard SQL, the server executes
them one at a time in
chronological order.

PL/SQL allows you to write
interactive, user-friendly programs
that can pass values into
variables. SQL statements can be
processed simultaneously for
better overall performance.
No Programming flexibility
available with SQL.

Programmers can divide functions
into logical blocks of code. Modular
programming techniques support
flexibility during the application

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